Del Blog de VyOS: VyOS Project news (07/08/2016)

VyOS Project news

Hello, Community!

We have some great news to share!

As some of you may already know, we are planning to run virtual meeting event for VyOS devs and users in near future.

So in case you want to participate, just fill up this form and of course join us on our dev. portal to stay in touch.

May admit that this summer is productive in all aspects:

Tremendous work towards VyOS 1.2 done and we going to present 1.2.0 beta 2 in some weeks! Thanks, to our super team!

We revived OVA distribution of VyOS some months ago and continued work in the direction of extensive VMWare Platform support; we also plan to deliver supported images for all other standard hypervisors like KVM, MS Hyper-V and VyOS on clouds markets for AWS, Azure, GCE.

VyOS is now available on SolidRun ClearFog device, credits for this great work to UnicronNL, this opens new applications for VyOS.

Ansible starting from version 2.2 able to configure VyOS, so if you using Ansible, give it a try! We on other hand working on standalone management library for Python.

We receive many requests regarding GUI, and yes we are listening to them. Last four months we dedicated a lot of time to studies regarding possible ways of delivery such  UI. Apart from technical challenges, there are other problems to take into account(like service providers don’t want GUI, while SMBs and ROBOs show high demand). We are working to bring satisfaction to all users without sacrifices from any side. So basically yes, it will be GUI in near future, but there are not ETAs for now.

We believe that affordable open source routing platform and NFV should be accessible to everyone out there

Want to participate???

Join us on social networks and spread the word about VyOSTwitter, RedditFaceBook, Google+, Linkedin

Participate in discussions on forum and of course join us on development portal

VyOS is a community-driven Linux-based network operating system for routers and firewalls



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